Celebrating a Fruitful Partnership: YouOwn and SBS Bank

“SBS home loan interest rate the first to drop below 6 per cent since mid-2023”

In the world of finance, partnerships are key. They signify collaboration, mutual benefit, and can even pave the way for innovation. That’s why we at YouOwn are happy to be partnered with SBS Bank, to bring exciting opportunities for both our organizations and, most importantly, for our valued customers.

SBS Bank, recently in the spotlight for being the first to drop home loan interest rates below 6% since mid-2023, has been operating for over 150 years as a mutual bank (that means their customers are their owners) and they’re 100% on board with helping YouOwn help
Kiwis get into homes and save their money.

This aligns perfectly with YouOwns’ mission to make homeownership more accessible and sustainable for New Zealanders.

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