Our guiding principles for customer conduct.

At YouOwn we strive to create and maintain mutually beneficial long-term relationships through the ownership of property with our customers. We seek to do this through an alignment of interests and providing accurate financial information to enable them to make well-informed choices to support their short-term and long-term goals of home ownership.

We take pride in providing an innovative product that allows our customers to achieve home ownership sooner than they otherwise could.

In doing this we:

  • Communicate clearly without jargon
  • Conduct advertising and marketing of the co-ownership product with integrity and do not make false, misleading or exaggerated claims
  • Do not offer customers co-ownership if it is not right for them
  • Take a responsible approach to clients who find themselves in financial difficulty

We have defined the following Conduct Risk outcomes as guiding principles:

  • Our culture places customer interest at the forefront of our decision-making and judgements
  • Our strategy is to develop long-term relationships with our customers
  • We are not an Authorised Financial Advisor and we do not provide financial advice to our customers
  • Our interests are aligned with our customers through mutual ownership of property
  • We validate price setting through independent valuation
  • We find quality, affordable properties that will fit the profile and needs of our customers
  • We proactively provide our customers with forecast purchase and co-ownership costs

In addition to these outcomes, we strive to develop meaningful customer relationships:

  • We consider the impact of life events on our customers
  • Our marketing materials are clear and accurate enabling customers to make informed decisions
  • We understand the different roles and responsibilities of the parties in property transactions and endeavour to ensure there are no conflicts of interest that could harm our customers
  • We strive to provide the YouOwn product at the lowest cost